Coordinate and Share
your Project Models
Synchronize across leading BIM platforms seamlessly
Easily Track and update changes
Smoothly collaborate with all project parties
Reduce rework and deliver projects faster
Maximize profitability and efficiency
First class support from Prota’s experts


ProtaBIM has been designed to allow engineers to easily communicate and coordinate models with other project stakeholders including architects, fabricators, BIM specialists and owners.

Using intelligent physical objects means ProtaStructure models can be accurately and directly shared with other leading BIM platforms including Autodesk Revit without wasting time re-creating model data and fixing building setout.

Save hours of modelling time by starting in either your chosen BIM platform or ProtaStructure and simply sharing your model back and forth, as many times as you wish. Make changes and enhancements along the way and seamlessly synchronize projects to keep your BIM models up to date.

Track and review changes as you coordinate projects using intelligent model auditing tools, and quickly check and update designs in ProtaStructure as projects are refined.

Quickly and efficiently coordinate your projects before construction starts and save hours of wasted time and headache trying to resolve problems later. Keep your clients happy and deliver faster, more profitable projects with ProtaBIM.

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Leading BIM Integration

Developed with BIM in mind seamlessly communicate and refine models with leading BIM systems including Autodesk Revit.

Leading BIM Integration