"Discover the power of ProtaStructure Suite 2024, where design, modeling, analysis, and detailing converge in a single, seamless click. Elevate your structural engineering to new heights of efficiency and precision."

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Since 1980, delivering the best structural engineering software, empowering engineers and construction experts with cutting-edge technology.

Prota Software

Automated Building Design & Detailing Software

Cutting-edge BIM software for structural engineers: Model, analyze, and design buildings fast and accurately. Automate RC, steel & composite designs with a central model, speeding up delivery.

Revolutionize structural detailing with CAD software that automates concrete drawings in one click. Extract from ProtaStructure and auto-arrange on sheets, saving hours.

All-in-one steel detailing & connection design software for engineers & drafters. Automate designs & create top-quality detail drawings efficiently.

Elevate your building projects with our upgraded BIM integration tools. Streamlined model sharing and flawless coordination with
bi-directional links.

Leading provider of structural engineering software solutions.

Empowering Professionals
for Over 40 Years

Structural Engineering and Design Software for BIM Modeling, Efficient Code-based Design, Analysis and Detailing of Building Structures.

Fast Multi-Material Modeling

ProtaStructure provides structural engineers with a BIM-focused
approach for efficient, fast, and intuitive physical modeling, incorporating
RC, steel, and composite elements
in a unified modeling using comprehensive localized templates & object libraries.

State-of-the-art Structural Analysis Methods

Prota Software delivers a wide range of structural FE analysis tools, from static, dynamic to complex techniques like nonlinear static, multi-mode pushover, time history, construction stage and P-Delta analysis. Our expert software ensure safe design for all types of projects, from industrial to residential buildings.

Economical and Reliable Design

ProtaStructure equips structural engineers with advanced tools for efficient, cost-effective design of earthquake-resistant structures, meeting stringent seismic codes like US, Eurocodes, and more. Key features include auto seismic load calculations, enhanced diaphragm choices, automated irregularity assessments, retrofitting capabilities, and nonlinear base isolators for superior safety and compliance.

International Seismic Design Requirements

ProtaStructure offers engineers tools for quick, economical earthquake-safe designs, adhering to seismic standards like US, Eurocodes and more.Key features include auto seismic load calculations, enhanced diaphragm choices, automated irregularity assessments, retrofitting capabilities, and nonlinear base isolators for superior safety and compliance

Reinforced Concrete and Steel Building Detailing Automation Software

Fully Automated Detailing and Quantity Take-off

ProtaStructure Suite provides a revolutionary workflow for automatically creating and organizing all your structural concrete and steel detail drawings only with a single click. You can save hours of drafting time by seamlessly extracting structural design, draft, and draw details from ProtaStructure and automatically arrange them onto your company drawing sheets with dynamic quantity tables and material lists.

Leading BIM Integration for Project Coordination

ProtaStructure is natively designed with structural BIM in mind, using intelligent physical objects to drive modeling, design, coordination and documentation. Our software features bespoke and Open BIM integrations, such as bi-directional links with Revit, IFC, DXF, SAF for seamless model synchronization, change tracking, improved project coordination and efficiency.







International Codes & Standards

Tech Change The World

ProtaStructure: Transforming construction with advanced engineering and design software.

  • Design Smarter, Build Stronger!
  • Design Economically, Ensure Safety, Save Time!


Webinar Recordings

Webinar Recordings

Webinar Recordings

Coordinate and Share Your Project Models

Building Information Modeling

Synchronize across leading
BIM platforms.

Industry Standards

Import and export of IFC, 2D/3D DXF
and SAF files.

Track What’s Changed

Instantly see what's changed with intuitive color coding and detailed text notifications.

All Professional Testimonial & Feedback

Switching between different software programs to complete a project can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when trying to meet multiple deadlines and client requirements. ProtaStructure Suite allows me to complete all stages of a project, from modeling to detailing, in one place. This was a huge advantage, so I became a licensed user immediately.

Victor Bisono Ramia ProtaStructure User

Víctor Bisonó Ramia

Gerente General en Grupo Inercia SRL

A few years ago, I noticed that my engineers needed to learn a range of different software in order to model and design a single project, especially when considering Reinforced Concrete and Foundation Design. This wasn’t particularly productive and meant that I had to support a range of different software applications.

Team Perunding RekaCekap with ProtaStructure on screen

Perunding RekaCekap

Structural Engineering Consultancy

Prota Engineering’s engineering and BIM teams used ProtaStructure throughout the entire Istanbul New Airport Terminal Building design phases in order to produce fast and safe models which also minimizes human errors.

Danyal Kubin at Prota Engineering with ProtaStructure

Danyal Kubin

Chairman & Founder

My journey with Prota Software began through a recommendation from a long-time colleague, Duško Dimitrijevic. After exploring the capabilities of ProtaStructure Suite, I was impressed with what it had to offer. Testing the software quickly revealed that it could meet all my needs, especially in terms of ease of modeling and output results, which are critical for our main product.

Gojko Jovanović

Senior Architect of MG Projekt

tekfen holding Logo, endorsing ProtaStructure for projects

Frequently Asked Questions

ProtaStructure represents a cutting-edge structural Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution, meticulously crafted for structural engineers.

It facilitates the modeling, analysis, and design of buildings with unparalleled precision and efficiency. ProtaStructure is engineered to empower its users to effortlessly model both straightforward and intricate structures composed of concrete and steel.

The primary clientele for ProtaStructure, alongside Prota’s suite of technological innovations, consists of design offices that specialize in structural engineering projects.

ProtaStructure works with many earthquake safety rules from around the world, including those from the US (IBC, UBC), Europe (EC8), the Philippines (NSCP), Indonesia (SNI), India, Thailand, Peru, Colombia, and Turkey.

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