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Joseph KUBİN

Company Founder / CEO

Company Founder / CEO
Joseph Kubin, graduated from Middle East Technical University, Ankara with a Masters degree in Civil Engineering majoring in earthquake engineering. He has since gone on to found the Prota Group of companies comprising of Prota Engineering, one of Turkey’s largest civil engineering consultancy firm, Prota Software, a leading international structural software development company and Prota Computer, Turkey’s largest supplier and accredited training center for Autodesk and other leading technical software applications. In 1985, Joseph conceptualized and created the structural engineering software Probina Orion (internationally known as Orion) which were continued to be developed to become one of the leading systems for integrated reinforced concrete building design and detailing widely used by design professionals worldwide. Since 2011, he and his team have been working on ProtaStructure Suite, the next generation multi-material building design and detailing system based on state-of-the-art technology.