"Discover the power of ProtaStructure Suite 2024, where design, modeling, analysis, and detailing converge in a single, seamless click. Elevate your structural engineering to new heights of efficiency and precision."

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ProtaStructure is an innovative BIM solution for structural engineers to
model, analyze and design buildings quickly and accurately.
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Building Information Modeling

What is BIM?

BIM, or Building Information Modeling, revolutionizes construction by uniting architects, engineers, and contractors in a collaborative 3D model process. It enhances planning, design, and construction, offering benefits across civil engineering and construction through advanced BIM software and certifications.

Leading Structural BIM Collaboration

ProtaStructure is natively designed with structural BIM in mind. We use intelligent physical objects to drive modeling, design, coordination and documentation.

Support For Industry BIM Standards

ProtaStructure facilitates model sharing with BIM platforms like Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD, and AllPlan by supporting import and export of IFC, 2D/3D DXF, and SAF files.

Autodesk Revit Family Mapping

Prota Software has developed bespoke integration with Autodesk Revit to facilitate direct, seamless model coordination,
providing tools to roundtrip and synchronize changes as they occur.

Analysis Model Collaboration

ProtaStructure enhances analysis accuracy by seamlessly integrating with leading platforms like OpenSees, ETABS™, and SAP2000™ through intelligent model links, ensuring reliable validation and interoperability.

ProtaStructure: The Pinnacle of Structural BIM Integration

ProtaStructure is engineered to be the essence of structural BIM, utilizing intelligent physical objects for comprehensive modeling, design, coordination, and documentation, ensuring a seamless BIM workflow.

Comprehensive BIM Standard Support

It offers unparalleled support for industry standards, enabling the exchange of models through IFC, 2D/3D DXF, and SAF files with leading platforms like Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD, and AllPlan, promoting collaborative work environments.

Advanced Integration with Autodesk Revit

ProtaStructure introduces a bespoke, bi-directional integration with Autodesk Revit, enhancing model coordination with tools for real-time synchronization, revision visualization, and customized family mapping to streamline your BIM processes.

Versatile Analysis Model Collaboration

Acknowledging the diverse analysis tools used in engineering, ProtaStructure simplifies the validation and cross-comparison of results across platforms with intelligent links to OpenSees, ETABS™, SAP2000™, LUSAS™, and more, ensuring your projects meet industry benchmarks.

Import from 2D DXF Files - External Reference Drawing

ProtaHUB allows you to take full advantage of any existing 2D drawing information, like structural and architectural key plans, to rapidly
setup and co-ordinate your models.

Efficient Model Creation and Output Reporting

Modelling processes can even start with our DXF import where we can convert and extrude drawings into Physical ProtaStructure models.

Efficient Model Creation and Output Reporting

Starting from 2D or 3D inputs, ProtaStructure can transform drawings into detailed 3D models, aligning structural and architectural elements perfectly. It supports the creation of customizable, visually compelling reports and drawings in standard formats like Microsoft Office, PDF, DXF, and DWG. With adherence to best drafting practices, it offers flexibility in layer, style, and scaling, along with the option for bespoke template creation, facilitating a tailored approach to project documentation and presentation.

International Codes & Standards

ProtaStructure is equipped to accommodate a wide variety of International Design Codes, such as those from the US and Europe, as well as localized standards tailored to meet the specific design and detailing preferences of users worldwide. For a comprehensive overview of the codes and standards supported by ProtaStructure, please refer to the detailed documentation provided.