"Discover the power of ProtaStructure Suite 2024, where design, modeling, analysis, and detailing converge in a single, seamless click. Elevate your structural engineering to new heights of efficiency and precision."

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Since 1985, we have been providing industry-leading structural engineering software solutions to professionals across the globe. With a team of over 50 experts located across Europe, SE Asia, and South America, we have become renowned for our flagship product Probina Orion. Thousands of engineers, CAD technicians, and project innovators around the globe select our technology solutions to facilitate steel and concrete building design, detailing, and structural BIM collaboration.

Our team of professional engineers and software developers has been developing a revolutionary software called ProtaStructure Suite that transforms the way engineers work and collaborate by integrating the way they model, analyze, design, detail, fabricate and coordinate BIM models with one completely integrated solution.

Our innovative software solutions have been adopted by businesses in over 85 countries worldwide, revolutionizing the way they work.

In addition, Prota’s engineering and design teams have employed the company’s software solutions in a range of prestigious projects across the globe.


In order to maintain a commitment to engineering excellence, Prota Software team has dedicated itself to research and development, resulting in the publication of over 100 technical papers in leading engineering publications and conferences worldwide over the past decade. These papers have focused on a variety of topics in the fields of building design, seismic design, retrofitting technologies, and base isolation.

Additionally, Prota Software provides a responsive technical support team and its new platform, the Prota Help Center, to ensure its clients get the most out of its solutions. Furthermore, hands-on training courses are offered at Prota Training Centers across the globe to further instruct clients on Prota Software’s technology solutions.






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We’ve Been Thriving In 40 Years


To develop, distribute and improve the most robust analysis, design and detailing tools for the construction industry professionals and to create and maintain the most robust software to equip the engineers with the right gear for fast, accurate and transparent project delivery.


To operate the company in a way that actively recognizes the center role that we play in the construction industry by initiating innovative ways to offer reliable, innovative, robust and high-quality solutions locally, nationally and internationally.


To operate the company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, increase in value for our clients and expanding opportunities for development and career growth for our employees.


We are committed to providing construction professionals with the advanced engineering software they need to stay ahead of the curve in the modern industry.


Using our vision as a springboard, we aim to fulfill our social responsibility and our obligations by maintaining our motto, “Reinforcing the Future”.

Our objectives have been to provide services that are effective on both national and international levels that ensure high level customer satisfaction, and that utilize the latest technologies.

As Prota, we hereby commit ourselves to:

• Improving our knowledge and skills by following technological and scientific developments,

• Focusing on research, development, and renovation projects,

• Offering reliable and timely services,

• Meeting the latest quality standards in our software Solutions and working units,

• Strictly conforming to in-house training policies at all levels,

• Maintaining a managerial policy that encourages innovation and integrity and extending team spirit in this direction,

• Ensuring high level customer satisfaction,

• Achieving customer dependency,

• Abiding by national and local environmental policies and current environmental management standards in all of our activities.


  • Innovation
  • Excellence in Every Detail
  • Transparency in Every Step
  • Trustworthiness
  • Highest Engineering Ethics
  • Passion
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Executive Team

Joseph KUBİN

Joseph KUBİN

Company Founder, CEO



Tech. & Ops. Manager

Mustafa Tümer TAN

Mustafa Tümer TAN

Product Manager



Managing Director / Asia

Gianni Berk KUBIN

Gianni KUBIN

Finance Manager