"Discover the power of ProtaStructure Suite 2024, where design, modeling, analysis, and detailing converge in a single, seamless click. Elevate your structural engineering to new heights of efficiency and precision."

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ProtaStructure is an innovative BIM solution for structural engineers to model, analyze and design buildings quickly and accurately while creating high-quality drawings and design documents.

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Structural Engineering and Design Software

Our global project experience and industry partnerships ensure deep structural design understanding. ProtaStructure's advanced design engine optimizes buildings, performing detailed checks to international design and seismic codes.

Fast Project Delivery

Fast project delivery with fully integrated Concrete, Steel and Composite Slab design from one central structural BIM model.

Easy & Effortless Modeling

Simplify and accelerate your design process with
user-friendly physical modeling, enhanced by versatile model views and dynamic input for efficient review and modification.

Advanced 3D Finite Element Analysis

Utilize frame and shell finite elements, rigid zones, detailed diaphragm modeling, staged construction, and diverse analysis approaches for simple and complex projects.

Building Information Modeling

ProtaStructure’s structural BIM core ensures smooth collaboration with Revit, Tekla, ArchiCAD, AllPlan, SAP2000 and ETABS, with tailored plugins and IFC, DXF and SAF formats.

True Structural BIM Modeling

Use dynamic input to rapidly create Concrete beam, columns, slabs, foundations and shearwalls and custom shaped corewalls and columns. Define openings, drops and physical set out to exactly define your project.

Use real structural Steel and Composite elements including truss, purlin, brace, girt, sag rods with flexible parametric macros. Specify your splice locations on steel columns, beams and trusses.

Build one model! ProtaStructure enables you to model complex or straightforward concrete and steel buildings quickly and easily.


Leading Structural BIM Collaboration

Developed with BIM in mind, seamlessly communicate and refine models with other leading BIM systems, including Autodesk Revit, TeklaStructures, ArchiCAD, AllPlan, and latest data formats, including IFC, 2D/3D DXF, and SAF.

Automated Load Calculations

ProtaStructure effortlessly breaks down the vertical loads for various floor systems using advanced methods like Yield Lines and Finite Element Decomposition, with support for diverse geometry and loading scenarios, featuring color-coded visual checks for load assessments, finishes, and structural dimensions.

ProtaStructure automates Seismic, Wind and Notional Load calculations in compliance with major international codes such as EN 1991-4, EN 1998-1, ASCE07, BS6399-2, and more, alongside snow load assessments per EN1991-1-3 and TS498.

These powerful load automations, coupled with fully automated load combination generation saves you hours of valuable project time.

Powerful Interactive Load Editor

ProtaStructure streamlines structural design with its automated and precise load analysis, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

In addition to automatically calculated loads, our interactive load editor allows you to visualize and apply any additional loads of your choice including soil pressure, point, line and area loads in any orientation.You can even import point loads from Excel for comprehensive batch case management.

ProtaStructure greatly simplifies the calculation and application of environmental loads such as snow, rain, and roof live loads.

Offers tools for evaluating soil thrust against structures, considering water table and soil profiles for both static and dynamic analysis.

Seismic Analysis and Design

ProtaStructure provides structural engineers with comprehensive tools to structural design and structural detail buildings quickly and economically to meet rigorous earthquake standards.

Global Seismic Code Support

ProtaStructure supports an extensive array of seismic codes, including IBC, UBC, EC8, and more, ensuring designs meet international standards.

Advanced Seismic Analysis Tools

ProtaStructure has smart features for seismic modeling and analysis including EQS and RSA analyses, rigid and flexible diaphragm modeling, cracked sections, storey meshing, basement two-stage analysis and more.

Global Seismic Checks

ProtaStructure performs a series of post-analysis checks including irregularities, strong column-weak beam, joint shear, non-structural member forces, wall-frame interactions, diaphragm checks and more.

Ductile Design and Detailing

ProtaStructure automates the design of structural members to meet ductility requirements, such as confinement of critical sections, automatic layout of wall end zones, capacity shear design, ductile rebar curtailment and much more.

Advanced Earthquake Engineering

ProtaStructure offers expert tools for advanced earthquake engineering requirements in your special projects.

International Design Codes & Standards

International Codes & Standards

ProtaStructure is equipped to accommodate a wide variety of International Design Codes, such as those from the US and Europe, as well as localized standards tailored to meet the specific design and detailing preferences of users worldwide. For a comprehensive overview of the codes and standards supported by ProtaStructure, please refer to the detailed documentation provided.