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Blog October 12, 2023

Column Design to ACI318-14: Mastering ProtaStructure & Ensuring Safety

A Guide to Technical Mastery and Code Compliance

Columns are foundational to architecture, bearing the weight of structures and ensuring safety. Particularly for Reinforced Concrete (RC) columns, it’s vital to understand and follow the ACI 318-14 standards, which provide a detailed roadmap to achieve maximum safety and durability.

The Importance of Reinforcement Calculation

The reinforcement in an RC column is its backbone. Accurate calculation and proper documentation are crucial, as they guarantee the column’s resilience and longevity.

Designing a Column in ProtaStructure According to American Standards

For engineers, precision, compliance, and efficiency define a robust design process. ProtaStructure stands as a powerful tool for such designs, especially when adhering to American standards like ACI 318 for concrete or AISC 360 for steel. Here’s a concise guide:

Setting Up the Project:

  • Open ProtaStructure and start a new project.
  • Set material properties, selecting American standards (e.g., “ACI” for concrete).
  • Design the geometry, considering loading conditions.

Column Definition:

  • Use ProtaStructure to design the column, specifying material type.
  • Input the column’s size, shape, and material properties.
  • For concrete columns, detail the reinforcement or let the software auto-generate them.


  • Define the column’s loadings, including axial loads, moments, and shears.
  • Add any load combinations based on the chosen American standards.


  • Conduct a structural analysis to determine the forces in the column.
  • Review the results for accuracy.


  • Access ProtaStructure’s design module.
  • Choose the relevant American design code.
  • Start the design. The software will check the column against the selected code, offering reinforcement details for concrete or checking steel section adequacy.
  • Review the design. If needed, adjust the column’s attributes to meet code requirements.

Reports and Documentation:

  • Generate design reports according to American standards for reviews.

Adjustments (if needed):

  • Modify column parameters if it doesn’t meet design requirements.
  • Recheck the design until it meets the standards.

Always refer to ProtaStructure’s official documentation for guidance. Understanding the principles behind the standards is key, ensuring designs are compliant and safe.

Column Design Steps Overview

Designing an RC column involves various steps:

  • Sway/Nonsway Classification: Determines the structure’s lateral movement.
  • Braced/Nonbraced Classification: Assesses lateral stability from surrounding structures.
  • Effective Length Calculation: Indicates the column’s load-bearing capacity.
  • Slenderness Ratio Check: Ensures the column’s sturdiness.
  • Magnified Moments Computation: Verifies the column can handle the loads.
  • Shear Strength Requirements: Confirms the column’s resistance to shear forces.
  • Transverse Reinforcements Detailing: Provides lateral support.
  • Longitudinal Reinforcement Splices: Ensures proper overlap of main reinforcements.

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