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HAKI Conference Jakarta, Indonesia 20-22 August 2024 event poster by ProtaStructure


News July 12, 2024

HAKİ Seminar Indonesia 2024

HAKİ Seminar Indonesia 2024: Continuing our tradition, we invite you to join us once again this year! The HAKI Seminar Indonesia returns from August 20-22 in Jakarta, uniting experts in […]

White Paper

White Paper July 10, 2024

Vertical Earthquake Effects

Summary ProtaStructure can reflect the effects of vertical earthquake action in design by providing two methods:  1. Approximate Static Approach  2. Modal Spectrum Analysis Method In Approximate Static Approach, vertical […]

White Paper

White Paper July 10, 2024

Castellated Beams

Summary A castellated beam is created by slicing an I-beam longitudinally along its web in a specific pattern. The goal here is to separate and rejoin the beam with a […]

White Paper

White Paper July 10, 2024

Space Trusses

Summary Space trusses are three-dimensional counterparts of planar trusses. They consist of straight members connected at their ends. These members can be made of steel, aluminum, or other materials. The […]