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Blog October 6, 2023

Indian Codes (NBCI) in ProtaStructure Suite – 2022: Tailored for the Future of Indian Structural Engineering

India, with its vast landscapes and seismic belts, requires a robust and adaptive approach when it comes to structural design and engineering. Keeping this in mind, ProtaSoftware has incorporated the first implementation of Indian codes (NBCI) into its latest offering – ProtaStructure Suite – 2022.

Bridging the Local-Global Gap with ProtaStructure 2022

The modern structural engineer needs tools that are locally relevant yet globally adaptable. ProtaStructure is setting the pace by integrating crucial Indian codes. This includes:

  • RC member design
  • Steel member design
  • Tailored loading codes for diverse Indian landscapes
  • Comprehensive wind load calculations
  • Seismic load calculations for India’s seismic zones
  • Seismic irregularity checks, building checks, and detailing

As the construction industry in India continues to evolve, having tools that cater to its unique challenges becomes indispensable.

ProtaStructure Modules with Indian Standards

Exploring ProtaStructure’s Modules and Integration Capabilities:

  • ProtaStructure Suite: A comprehensive tool that allows the definition of structures, materials, and load parameters for a wide range of structural systems. It supports design according to standards such as IS 456 for reinforced concrete.
  • ProtaSteel: A specialized module tailored for steel design, ensuring full compliance with critical standards, especially IS 800.
  • Modal Analysis Module: Developed to identify eigenvalues and natural frequencies, providing an in-depth understanding of structural dynamics.
  • Response Spectrum Analysis Module: A module focused on seismic analyses. It utilizes multi-modal response spectrum analysis and seamlessly integrates essential standards like IS 1893 to deliver accurate seismic analysis results.
  • ProtaDetails: This efficient module automates the creation and organization of structural concrete detail drawings. Users can extract structural design details from ProtaStructure with a simple click and have them meticulously drafted in alignment with company-specific drawing sheets.
  • BIM Integration with ProtaBIM: With a strong emphasis on collaboration, ProtaStructure ensures seamless integration with industry-leading BIM systems, especially Autodesk Revit, making the design to implementation process smoother.

Additionally, the ProtaSoftware platform is rich in visual resources – videos, articles, project showcases – enabling users to delve deep into the software’s capabilities.

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Webinar Alert: Dive Deep with ProtaStructure Suite – 2022

Keen to explore how this software can revolutionize your project delivery process? We’ve got you covered!

Webinar Highlights:

  • Advanced Design Tools: Understand how ProtaStructure enhances efficiency across all structural design stages.
  • Seamless BIM Integration: Learn how ProtaStructure effortlessly integrates with top BIM systems, including Autodesk Revit.
  • Local and Global Standards: Dive deep into designing for seismic regions, ensuring your projects comply with both Indian and international codes.
  • Exclusive Insights from Akbar Ali Khader: Gain from the unique perspective and extensive experience of a stalwart in the Indian structural engineering domain.

Why You Should Attend:

From understanding the rapidly growing adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in India to learning about design detailing’s efficiency, this webinar is a treasure trove of insights. Additionally, you’ll:

  • Enhance your BIM knowledge.
  • Grasp seismic design nuances.
  • Engage with Prota’s experts directly during a Q&A session.
  • Stay updated and ahead in India’s evolving construction industry.

Meet the Speaker: Akbar Ali Khader

Our keynote speaker, Akbar Ali Khader, is no stranger to the world of structural engineering in India. A Chartered Engineer and Registered Structural Engineer, Akbar is the CEO & Managing Director of KHAAS Group. His emphasis on innovation and striving for excellence in the engineering domain has set him apart. Join us to benefit from his vast professional wisdom.


With ProtaStructure Suite – 2022, structural engineering in India is set to witness a paradigm shift. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to be a part of this transformative journey. Register now and shape the future of structural design in India!

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