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Client Success February 4, 2024


We’ve improved our productivity and time efficiency by 30% compared with life before ProtaStructure.

G&P Infra Sdn Bhd is a member of G&P Professionals Group which is one of the largest professional engineering services groups in Malaysia with over 300 staff. We started G&P Infra operations in 2005. We obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2011, and currently, we have 50 Engineers & supporting staff.

G&P Infra Sdn Bhd provides comprehensive infrastructure and structural engineering services for planning, design, contract administration, and supervision to both private and public sectors covering the following areas:

01. Hill-site development infrastructure planning and design;
02. Infrastructure design for residential and commercial development;
03. Water supply network design;
04. Sewer network design;
05. Drainage system design;
06. River improvement;
07. Flood mitigation;
08. Low and high-rise building structural design;
09. Industrial building design;
10. Commercial building design;
11. Government building design;
12. Infrastructure works quantity surveying services;
13. Infrastructure works contract administration

Business Challenges

G&P Infra Sdn Bhd was looking to improve their project design and delivery strategy Ir. Loh Woei Chung, Senior Director of G&P Infrastructure, Explains;

“Reviewing and deciding on the best solutions to meet the clients brief, especially their budget, whilst also fulfilling the Architect’s design intent with innovative solutions which also meet safe design practices.

Professional Integrity and obligations as a practicing engineer are especially important to us.”



We had experience using PB Orion before and like the platform, ProtaStructure significantly improved upon this. ProtaStructure also allows us to be more productive and efficient, and Prota provides a very good support service. From our own experience in the past, we were also very confident in ProtaStructure for high-rise building design, which is a large part of our business.

ProtaStructure is unique in being an end to end design and detailing solution, so we can not replace any similar tools with it.

Around 5 to 6 engineers regularly use the 3 licenses of ProtaStructure. During the “Peak” season we need to carefully manage the usage time as it’s extremely popular.

ProtaStructure has significantly reduced design errors during information transfer (between analysis, design, and detailing) and has helped expedite work with its modeling and design speed. ProtaStructure is a total solution.

We have saved time and resources as fewer engineers are required to be allocated to complete a job. It’s especially useful during preliminary stages for concept design when perhaps we have yet to be engaged, we can minimize time here while also being highly productive.

Take advantage of the annual maintenance service as this includes all the new updates and support with ProtaStructure. That said, the software is already at a well-developed level and engineers now seldom call for technical support as they are very conversant with the technology. Good job Prota, We have peace of mind in using your software!

We have improved around 30% of our overall productivity and time efficiency compared with life before ProtaStructure.

Key projects

ProtaStructure has been a great investment for our business. We have delivered many projects in ProtaStructure.
Some interesting recent examples include:

O2 RESIDENCE @ O2 CITY, PUCHONG SOUTH, Selangor – Malaysia US$65 Million
6 blocks of 10-20 Storey Service Apartment (508 Units) with 2 Storey Podium Carpark

IRAMAWANGSA CONDOMINIUM, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia US$60 Million
3 block 26 Storey Luxurious Condominium (655 Units) with 5 Storey Podium Carpark












HILL PARK RESIDENCE, KAJANG, Selangor – Malaysia US$25 Million
2 block 26 Storey Service Apartment (402 Units) with 9 Storey Podium Carpark & 13 Units 3- 4 Storey Shop Office

EMERALD HILLS, ALAM DAMAI, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia US$100 Million
181 Units terrace House, 1 unit ClubHouse, 2 Block South Tower 30 Storey Apartment (592 Units) with 7 Storey Carpark

2 Block North Tower 37 Storey (786 Units) with 5 Storey Podium Carpark