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News May 30, 2023

Learn, Connect, Communicate | Welcome to Prota Help Center

Mastering a comprehensive structural engineering BIM software like ProtaStructure doesn’t have to be challenging. With our exclusive Prota Help Center, you’ll have access to a variety of e-learning resources, a platform to communicate with other users and share tips and tricks, and the ability to submit an unlimited number of tickets for world-class technical support. Let’s take a look and see what this incredible platform has to offer!

First, Let’s Sign Up!

Prota Help Center is a platform designed to improve the project delivery of our ProtaStructure users. We frequently update and improve the Prota Help Center to ensure an optimal user experience. Licensed users will receive an automated invite to the Help Center as part of their onboarding process, which allows them to create log-in credentials and securely access the system.

Everything You Need In a Single Page!

If you are looking to learn how to use user-defined macros for steel detailing but are having difficulty doing so on your own, Prota Help Center can provide you with the resources you need. Upon signing in, you will be directed to the home page, which features a knowledge base, community forum, and ticketing system. Through these three main platforms, you can access manuals and tutorial videos, communicate with other users, or submit a ticket for rapid technical support.

Equations, Technical Details, Tools & Features: Knowledge Base

Imagine having access to a library of books related to ProtaStructure at your fingertips. Our engineers have created the Knowledge Base of Prota Help Center with our users’ needs in mind. It includes manuals and tutorial videos that show you how to use the features and tools of ProtaStructure efficiently. The Knowledge Base also gives you insight into the inner workings of the software, like what equations and methods are used. Using advanced structural engineering software comes with many advantages, but having an understanding of how it works (equations, methods and etc) makes it even more beneficial.

The Knowledge Base home page provides an easy way to explore and locate content that explains the features of ProtaStructure, ProtaSteel, ProtaDetails, and ProtaBIM in detail. It also hosts our library of recorded webinars and online workshops, allowing users to refer back to them.

Be mindful when searching the Knowledge Base, as it may take longer than anticipated. When you quickly locate the resource you need, the platform gives you access to all related content. You may have come to search for a single command under the Analysis tab, but you may end up discovering various approaches for seismic analysis presented in different codes, in addition to the command.

Announcements, Recommendations, Communication: Community Forums

As engineers, we understand the feeling of isolation during project delivery, and the hours spent staring at a screen, communicating only with a structural engineering design software. Fortunately, this bleak situation no longer has to be the norm! The Community page offers a platform for engineers who use ProtaStructure across the globe to interact and share their knowledge. Additionally, the Community page allows our technical support team to stay in contact with you. They make sure to announce the newest videos on our YouTube channel and the latest technical documents published by our team, all on the Community page!

Unlimited Access to a World-Class Technical Support

Are you tired of that pesky error window appearing every time you enter a certain command? Look no further! Our technical support team is here to the rescue! All you need to do is fill out a ticket on the Prota Help Center homepage and provide a description of the issue, along with screenshots and the archived project file. Our engineers will then execute the same steps on your project and provide you with a prompt solution. Don’t worry – it’s a quick and simple process!

The Prota Help Center is designed to ensure that you get the most out of your user experience. Utilizing state-of-the-art structural engineering BIM software at every stage of project delivery, you have access to a vast range of resources, 24/7 technical support and free invitations to webinars and online workshops. Our mission is to share knowledge and empower successful engineers who are shaping the world. With Prota Help Center, you can explore our all-in-one structural engineering software, the ProtaStructure, stay up-to-date with our continuous improvements, and enjoy the future today!