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News August 23, 2022

Meet The New Features of the All-in-One Structural Engineering Software, ProtaStructure Suite v2022 (6.0.392)!

The brand-new ProtaStructure Suite 2022 is here! Get ready to discover the essential new features of modeling, analysis, design, and detailing tools of ProtaStructure Suite 2022. Being a popular structural analysis and design software requires constant improvement. For this purpose, the already existing features got even better in addition to the new ones!

With the latest ProtaStructure, the performance is substantially enhanced, steel detailing is even easier, structural analysis and structural design are even more comprehensive! Want to get all the details?

Let’s start our quick tour of our latest edition: ProtaStructure Suite v2022 (6.0.392)!

ProtaStructure is Now Faster and More Practical Than Ever!

One thing worse than an unsaved project file for an engineer is a never-ending “Save” operation of our complex and large projects. With v2022 (6.0.392), the “Save” operation in ProtaStructure is now up to 30 times faster! Moreover, the next time you open a project, you will notice that the project opening is speeded up by 20%. Want to see the difference that “30 times”and “20%” make? Have a look at the comparison for a typical 20-storey building below.

Creating steel truss members is already an easy process in ProtaStructure. With its comprehensive and flexible truss macro and user-friendly truss editor, ProtaStructure already allows you to create parametric trusses or your custom truss members. You can even create trusses from your DXF files thanks to ProtaStructure Suite being one of the leading BIM software with its advanced BIM integration tool, ProtaBIM.

Now, you can also explode those truss members! With the latest ProtaStructure, you can “Explode” the existing truss members and convert them into plain frame members. This will give you limitless control over your truss members. Your trusses, your rules!







With the brand-new ProtaStructure Suite, you never miss any detail during structural modeling. Either 2D or 3D, during modeling, you can always see the axis dimensions! ProtaStructure now has a “Dynamic Axis Dimesioning” on modeling screen that will give you a better insight into project dimensions. Also, when you just roll yourself into the rhythm and be free like a bird, you can turn them off. With ProtaStructure, the power is all yours, use it wisely

While talking about dimensions, let us tell you that you can now use the “measure” command and snap to any 2D and 3D points, including line intersections, solid object vertices, extensions, intelligent element points, and so on, and measure the distance between them. In addition, you can see all the measurement info on the screen until the “measure” command is canceled.

We know that the users of ProtaStructure generally work on very complex projects with crowded models. We also know that when working on a crowded model, it is so easy to get lost in the model. That is why the latest ProtaStructure allows you to hide/show selected structural members. Another problem with the crowded models may be selecting a set of members to assign some properties over and over again. Well, you can now select the same set of members as many times as you want easily with the “Restore Previous Selection Set” command. You can also filter the selection with another brand-new command, “Filter Selection”.

ProtaStructure is already known as a practical and user-friendly structural engineering software. However, we do have a strong urge to improve constantly. Hence, in addition to developing new tools, we also improved the existing ones. For example, in the previous versions of ProtaStructure, beams had to be on the slab boundary to mesh compatibly with the slab but now, there is no such necessity. Beams located anywhere in the slab middle region will automatically create a compatible mesh with the slab.










As far as we know from the direct messages and comments, the users of ProtaStructure are interested in steel design. Hence, we sat and thought about how we could improve the steel design tools of ProtaStructure. Now, you can edit the steel design parameters like braced lengths and effective length factors in batch! In addition, you have a batch editing option for macro steel members containing multiple frame members inside, such as trusses, braces, purlins, girts, and domes.

As engineers, we know that the significant part of structural design is to make sure that the structure to be constructed is a safe one. Hence, earthquake analysis is essential! Now, new quasi-permanent load coefficients for live loads, roof live loads and snow loads are introduced in the “Seismic Parameters” window.

We started this summer with a brand-new version, and we are getting ready to say goodbye to the summer with another pack of new features and improvements. The latest and improved structural analysis and design software, ProtaStructure Suite v2022 (6.0.392), is full of new and handy tools to minimize the time you spend on project delivery and give you even more control over your projects. No matter how crowded your model is or how chaotic the modeling screen looks, you can deliver successful projects with the latest ProtaStructure Suite, even before your coffee gets cold!

Our little tour of the brand-new ProtaStructure Suite has concluded. With these latest features and improvements, ProtaStructure Suite is more than just an advanced BIM software! Want to learn more? If the answer is yes, there is even more to this! You should read the release notes and keep an eye on our socials!