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News November 19, 2018

Near East University’s Structural Engineering Students Use ProtaStructure For Their Thesis Studies

Near East University’s structural engineering students prepare their thesis studies with ProtaStructure. Delivering their projects on student versions, students get the opportunity to gain project experience on modelling, design, 3D finite element analysis and detailing of R/E concrete and steel buildings.

“As Prota, we have a commitment and responsibility to contribute to the educational development of students. In this regard, we make student versions, training documents, tutorial videos and hands-on learning courses available for several universities in Turkey, Cyprus, Africa and South East Asia.” comments ProtaStructure Product Manager Mustafa T. Tan.

Thousands of students across the world use Prota solutions for their studies and educational purposes. Prota constantly invests in its activities to improve the quality of learning, to create opportunities to get new knowledge and skills and to offer new ways of learning for students.