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News September 15, 2023

Prota Software Presents All-in-One Structural Engineering Solution at HAKI Seminar

Unveiling the Future of Engineering in Asia

In a remarkable showcase of innovation and expertise, Prota Software recently participated in one of Asia’s premier engineering events, the annual HAKI Seminar. Held from August 22nd to August 24th, this esteemed platform facilitated the exchange of knowledge and insights among industry experts, propelling Asian engineering professionals into a new era of structural engineering.

Empowering Topics, Enlightening Discussions

The HAKI Seminar offered a diverse array of enlightening sessions and short courses that spanned critical facets of the engineering landscape. From discussions on professional ethics and advancements in standards and codes to insights into performance-based design across various design aspects and addressing technical considerations related to recent earthquakes, the event left no stone unturned. Of particular importance was the discussion on the assessment and retrofitting of existing buildings, addressing real-world challenges that resonate deeply with professionals in the region.

Engaging with Our Audience

As Prota Software, our participation was not just about showcasing our innovations; it was about connecting with our users and supporters. At our Prota Software booth, with the guidance of our expert Prota Software Asia Team, we had the privilege of updating our visitors on the latest enhancements to the ProtaStructure Suite. Moreover, we highlighted the essential features of the upcoming ProtaStructure Suite 2024, sparking enthusiasm and intrigue among attendees regarding the future of structural engineering.The ProtaStructure Suite is the only structural engineering software you need. Buy now and save!

The All-In-One Revelation ProtaStructure Suite

A standout moment at the HAKI Seminar was when Nigel Watts, Managing Director of Prota Software Asia, took the stage. Nigel delivered a comprehensive presentation on the revolutionary all-in-one structural engineering software, ProtaStructure Suite. His presentation resonated deeply with Asian engineering professionals, who demonstrated an eager interest in embracing this new era of building design.

A Lasting Impression

The annual HAKI Seminar has left an indelible mark on the Prota Software Team. Our interactions with brilliant engineers, passionate discussions, and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas have been a source of inspiration. As we bid farewell to Jakarta, we’re already preparing for our next live event in Asia. We invite you to stay connected with us on social media, where we’ll continue to share our journey and the limitless potential of the ProtaStructure Suite.

In conclusion, the HAKI Seminar wasn’t just an event; it was a celebration of innovation and collaboration within the Asian engineering community. Prota Software is honored to have been a part of this transformational experience and eagerly anticipates the exciting future that awaits, both for our team and for the field of structural engineering. Step into the advantageous world of ProtaStructure Suite, where the future of engineering begins.

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