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News July 6, 2020

ProtaStructure 2021 – Be the First to Experience the Extraordinary

Join us for the Global Launch of our Revolutionary ProtaStructure 2021.

In 2021, Prota again revolutionizes the engineering industry with;

  • A software for streamlined building modelling and analysis,
  • A software for designing your steel connections, concrete beams, core walls, foundations and more,
  • A CAD software for dedicated structural drafting and producing all your engineering drawing, with component design for other project elements (like retaining walls),
  • A Fabrication software for producing all your construction and shop details,
  • And a BIM software for communicating all of this to other project team members, Owners, Architects, M&E specialists etc for coordination
  • A Software for modelling & analysis, for design, for detailing, for fabrication, for BIM

Event of the year – not to be missed.

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