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News October 7, 2021

ProtaStructure Suite 2022 is Coming! – All Your Needs, Under a Single Roof

Thank you for the continued support and trust you have placed in Prota Software technology solutions.

We felt it was time to share with you an update on the progress being made at Prota Software and some of the exciting developments we are about to share with you.

From ProtaStructure Suite 2021

This began last year with the delivery of ProtaStructure 2021. It was an essential step towards our mission to provide you with the best structural engineering software for building design globally. ProtaStructure 2021 introduced 64-bit architecture, multi-threaded operations, and a brand new and modern technology platform.

You would also have seen many significant updates to this platform during the past year as we have streamlined the system and extended its capabilities.

To ProtaStructure Suite 2022

Progress has not stopped here, and our imminent ProtaStructure 2022 takes our platform to new heights beyond any other release we have delivered so far.

Beyond numerous significant new features of this exciting release, ProtaStructure 2022 provides a solid foundation for the accelerated introduction of new functionalities into the future.

What’s New in ProtaStructure Suite 2022?


To whet your appetite, some of the many key features we are now finalizing include:

  • Performance improvements of up to 10 fold in modeling, general usage, and visualization in ProtaStructure 2022.
  • Our new 64 bit FE Floor and Foundation Module comes fully integrated into the central modeling environment.
  • We heard your voice! We have developed new reports which expose much more detail around calculation steps for design validation.
  • We have completely redeveloped the Loading System from scratch with a more flexible, scalable, and visual approach, allowing you to rapidly apply a wide range of load types to your models.
  • Automated Snow Load Calculation is also now available.
  • Great modeling flexibility with new steel domes, arch, and curve-shaped frame members.
  • Significant enhancements to seismic capabilities, including Push Over Analysis and CFRP design.
  • Exciting New RC Beam Design and Detailing capabilities.
  • And new BIM exchange formats with Revit 2022 and Bi-directional SAF Data Exchange (with ArchiCAD, Allplan, and other Nemetschek platforms).

These are just a taste of some of the hundreds of new features you’ll see with this release.

ProtaSteel 2022 has also been completely migrated to a new 64-bit environment with a fantastic new modern interface that builds on your existing experience.

We know many of you have been waiting in anticipation of our release this year, and we are now in the final stretch of testing and documentation to provide you with this fantastic new technology.

We will be launching this major update in November and will be in touch then with more detailed information for you to begin taking advantage of this.

We are confident that you will enjoy the many new features and improvements in the ProtaStructure Suite 2022.

Thank you again for choosing ProtaStructure Suite.

Prota Software Team