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News March 10, 2022

ProtaStructure Suite 2022 Is Now Available: Stronger, Better, More Affordable

We are excited to introduce the ProtaStructure Suite 2022 after the long hours our software developers spend at the computer, thousands of codes written, liters of coffee consumed, and sleepless nights spent.


Stronger, Better, More Affordable

With ProtaStructure Suite 2022, our users will have access to a more robust, and more affordable structural engineering software packed with a lot of new features.

The highlight of ProtaStructure 2022 is the new and flexible loading framework that allows you to load members in any direction in any user-defined load case. We have heard our users, developed new design reports, and enhanced the existing ones, such as integrated slab and mat foundation design reports. Besides, a more refined user experience awaits you in slab and mat foundation design. To provide you with a more integrated experience, we have migrated FE Floor and Foundation Module to 64-bit and integrated it with the main program.

ProtaSteel 2022 is completely migrated to a 64-bit platform. The user interface is redesigned from scratch, promoting practicality without compromising habits and usability.


👉Here are a few of the brand-newness that will make you feel excited:

📌 Performance improvements of up to 10 fold in modeling, general usage, and visualization in ProtaStructure 2022.

📌 New Loading System, with a more flexible, scalable, and visual approach.  

📌 Snow load calculation is now automatically done with EC and TS codes.

📌 New seismic checks such as Seismic Joint Spacing Calculation, Forces on Non-structural members, user-defined RSA scaling factors and site coefficients, target displacement calculation in pushover analysis, FRP retrofitting, and member assessment.

📌 Staged Construction that considers the long-term effects of creep and shrinkage.

📌 Brand new environment for ProtaSteel. Faster, more intuitive, with more AI-driven automated connection design for industry-leading steel detailing.

📌 Various international design codes.

📌 Imperial units.

📌 Steel domes.

📌New BIM exchange formats with Revit 2022 and Bi-directional SAF Data Exchange (with ArchiCAD, Allplan, and other Nemetschek platforms).


 📑 Check out the brand new ProtaStructure Suite 2022 Brochure for more details!

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