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News November 21, 2017

Unveiling ProtaStructure 2018 – Integrated Multi-Material Design Solution for Building Systems

This July and August the Prota Software team was delighted to introduce the brand new ProtaStructure Suite 2018 to over 500 engineers across Singapore and Malaysia.

Participants were treated to live presentations highlighting innovations in 3D modelling, steel and concrete design together with advancements in BIM technology for coordination, fabrication and construction. Some of the key topics covered during the roll out included;

The introduction of the new ProtaStructure 2018 showcasing;

  • Comprehensive steel modelling including trusses, hot rolled, cold formed and composite elements
  • Automated steel design to BS, EC and US Codes
  • Combined RC shear walls with automatic containment for economical design & detailing
  • New column containment design including multiple layers and flexible link arrangements
  • Discrete openings in RC Walls and full 3D wall-floor-slope-drop meshing capability
  • New updated malaysian seismic standards.
  • Improved infill wall loading for more accurate design.
  • Slab drops… And more

ProtaDetails 2018

  • Automatic truncation and arrangement of beams details into your title blocks
  • New pile capacity design with fast geotechnical impute for working load computation
  • New laterally loaded piles, corbells, pile-cap, scaffolding and staircase design & detailing
  • Significant improvements to all detailing – especially beam elevations

The brand new ProtaSteel 2018

  • Automatic steel connection design of a broad range of simple and moment, bolted and welded joints
  • Complete 3D visualisation of all steel work
  • Full engineering steel detail drawings including all connections
  • Easy Modelling of ancillary steel work
  • Full quantities take off including assembly drawings

The enhanced ProtaBIM 2018

  • New Bi-directional links with Revit for easy project coordination and synchronisation between engineers, project architects and owners

All of these systems are seamlessly interconnected into one easy to use platform providing the most comprehensive tool for building design and collaboration available in the global market.

“This exceptional release clearly establishes Prota as the leading innovator in providing comprehensive, integrated building design to structural engineers in the global market” Prota Software’s CEO, Joseph Kubin, comments. Nigel Watts, Prota Software’s Managing Director, adds “We are looking forward to continuing to support our rapidly growing user base with this fantastic release and continuing to add value to their businesses”.