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News December 6, 2019

We Were At ASEP SHAKE Conference, Manila 2019

With an expected magnitude of 7.2 due to the movement of the West Valley Fault System, the “BIG ONE” earthquake is predicted to occur anytime. It may cause catastrophic damage and loses to Manila and its vicinity.

There is no way to predict when this will occur but we can prepare for sceneraios of earthquake hazards and it impacts. Thus, The Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines, ASEP hosted Smart TecHnologies and Advanced Knowledge in Earthquake Engineering, “SHAKE” Conference on November 14-16, 2019 at the Novotel Manila, Philippines.

Prota’s CEO Joseph Kubin’s presented two technical papers to share knowledge on various approaches to review and strenghten existing structures which may not presently meet current earthquake safety stardards. Over 500 attendees enjoyed Joseph’s papers on “Retrofitting of a Bridge form Historical Station Using Base Isolation” where a historical train station spanning across the widening of the existing main trunk railway lines into Istanbul to facilitate the new high speed rail line was seismically upgraded and restored, together with “The New Approach for the Assesement of Schools” where Joseph discussed the practical approaches taken to assesses and, where viable, retrofit 100’s of schools to meet revised earthquake standards in Turkey.

ASEP SHAKE Conference - Manila 2019

The convention was a great success and showcased the brand new ProtaStructure and its latest features focused on seismic design and detailing at the crowed Prota Asia booth located in the main area of the event. We were very humbled by the number of visitors and their great interest in our technologies.

ASEP SHAKE Conference - Manila 2019
ASEP SHAKE Conference - Manila 2019

We would like to thank everybody for taking the time to visit us and to listen our presentations at ASEP SHAKE Conference, 2019.