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White Paper July 10, 2024

Vertical Earthquake Effects


ProtaStructure can reflect the effects of vertical earthquake action in design by providing two methods:

 1. Approximate Static Approach

 2. Modal Spectrum Analysis Method

In Approximate Static Approach, vertical vibration modes and a dedicated vertical spectrum are not considered. Instead, the result from gravity load case is multiplied by a fraction of horizontal spectral acceleration. In Modal Spectrum Analysis Method, on the other hand, vertical vibration modes of the structure are considered together with a vertical acceleration spectrum.

You can find all the details about these methods and how to apply them in ProtaStructure in the attached document. 

As a structural engineering software designed by structural engineers, ProtaStructure provides its users with comprehensive tools to ensure safe design. With the ProtaStructure 2025, significant new seismic capabilities have been introduced and the code-coverage of the software has become even more expansive. You can check out “ProtaStructure Suite 2025 New Features” document to explore all the essential new capabilities, and you can find the table of supported design codes on our website.