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Blog October 20, 2023

Expo Acero Santiago 2023: Innovations in Structural Engineering & Prota Software

The realm of structural engineering continually evolves, and at the heart of this transformation is the intersection of innovation, technology, and exemplary practices. One such monumental convergence took place at the Expo Acero Santiago 2023, shedding light on the cutting-edge advancements in structural engineering.

Expo Acero Santiago 2023: Elevating Structural Engineering Standards

Organized by the esteemed AISC, the Expo Acero Santiago 2023 marked a significant milestone in the structural engineering domain. With a diverse array of professionals in attendance, from seasoned engineers and construction firms to budding civil engineering students, the expo offered an unparalleled platform for knowledge dissemination and exchange. But what stood out prominently was the introduction of transformative technologies like the ProtaStructure Suite by Prota Software.

ProtaStructure Suite: The Future of Structural Engineering

ProtaStructure Suite is an all-in-one structural engineering software that encapsulates the entire design and analysis process. Features such as seamless integration with BIM technology, advanced modeling, and comprehensive analysis tools render it indispensable in today’s fast-paced construction environment.

Steel’s New Best Friend: ProtaSteel

At the heart of ProtaStructure Suite is ProtaSteel, a game-changer in steel detailing and connection design processes. By offering intricate detailing capabilities and optimized connection designs, ProtaSteel ensures efficient, accurate, and robust steel structure designs, thereby fostering sustainability and safety.

Víctor Bisonó Ramia’s Transformational Journey

No endorsement speaks louder than the testament of a satisfied user. Víctor Bisonó Ramia’s experience with ProtaStructure Suite is one such story. Embracing the software transformed not just his projects but also charted a new trajectory for his career. For an in-depth look into his transformative journey, visit “Víctor Bisonó Ramia’s Journey: Transforming with ProtaStructure Suite”.

BIM in Structural Engineering: A Paradigm Shift

BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology has undeniably ushered a new era in structural engineering projects. By enabling a collaborative environment and facilitating efficient communication, BIM ensures that all stakeholders are aligned and informed. The ProtaStructure Suite, with its BIM integration, serves as the conduit between design intent and real-world implementation, ensuring projects are executed with precision and efficiency.


In a world where structural integrity is paramount, tools like ProtaStructure Suite empower professionals to meet and exceed industry benchmarks. If you’re keen on adopting this technological marvel for your next project, request a quote for ProtaSoftware Suite here.

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