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Client Success February 5, 2024

Víctor Bisonó Ramia’s Journey: Transforming with ProtaStructure Suite

In today’s world, curiosity often serves as the spark for remarkable transformations. Víctor Bisonó Ramia, a highly accomplished engineer holding dual MSc degrees in Seismically-Resistant Building Design and Steel Structures, stands as a testament to how curiosity can reshape one’s professional trajectory. He currently leads as the CEO of Grupo Inercia S.R.L, a leading firm specializing in commercial and industrial building projects based in the Dominican Republic.

How Curiosity Transformed One Engineer’s Career

Mr. Ramia’s curiosity was rewarded when he discovered ProtaStructure Suite, an all-in-one structural engineering software, during a job interview. He was intrigued by the interface and asked the CEO, an experienced structural engineer, many questions.

After the interview, Ramia forgot about ProtaStructure Suite until he saw an ad for it on social media. He decided to try it out, and it revolutionized his work.

When asked about the origin of his experience with ProtaStructure Suite, Mr. Ramia replied:

“In 2019, I received a job interview invitation from a structural engineering design company. The meeting was with the company’s CEO, a seasoned structural engineer. During the interview, I couldn’t help but glance at his computer monitor, and what I saw left me astonished. It marked my very first encounter with ProtaStructure. I enthusiastically inquired about the software, receiving answers that felt like a live demonstration. The CEO introduced me to ProtaStructure’s core system, along with its unique detailing modules, ProtaSteel and ProtaDetails. I immediately made a mental note of the software’s name. However, I soon forgot about it after the interview.

Then, one day while scrolling through social media, I came across an advertisement for ProtaStructure Suite. I decided to obtain a license, and this choice ended up completely transforming our office dynamics.”

Partnerships Lead to Success

“After getting a trial license of ProtaStructure Suite, I was amazed by its unique capabilities. It’s a single package that provides everything a structural engineer needs for project delivery.

Switching between different software programs to complete a project can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when trying to meet multiple deadlines and client requirements. ProtaStructure Suite allows me to complete all stages of a project, from modeling to detailing, in one place. This was a huge advantage, so I became a licensed user immediately.

Sometime later, I saw an ad on social media that ProtaSoftware was looking for partners. I applied, and the team contacted me. It’s been two years since then, and my business has grown significantly thanks to this partnership.”

Benefits of Using Advanced Structural Engineering BIM Software

ProtaStructure is an advanced structural engineering solution that significantly accelerates project delivery. It offers features such as fast multi-material building modeling, state-of-the-art structural analysis methods, automated engineering drawings, and seamless BIM integration. This innovative tool allows structural engineers to design buildings efficiently, comply with international codes, and conduct seismic assessments. It also supports both concrete and steel design, making it a versatile solution for various project needs. With an intuitive user experience and extensive technical support, ProtaStructure enhances productivity and profitability for structural engineering professionals. On this matter, we asked Mr. Ramia at which stage of the project delivery the all-in-one structural engineering software, ProtaStructure Suite helps the most. He replied:

“ProtaStructure Suite is an all-in-one structural engineering software that accelerates project delivery by providing advanced tools and features for all aspects of structural engineering, including analysis, design, detailing, and drawing generation.

Before using ProtaStructure Suite, I had to use five different software programs for a single project, which was expensive and time-consuming. While many structural engineering software programs can handle analysis and design, ProtaStructure Suite is unique in its ability to automate detailing, which is often the most time-consuming stage of a project.

ProtaStructure Suite’s detailing tools have helped me to meet strict deadlines on structural engineering projects. It is the best structural engineering software I have ever used.

Communication: Key to Success in Structural Engineering Projects

Structural engineering projects require coordination between large, multidisciplinary teams. Effective communication is essential for success.

In a recent interview, experienced structural engineer Mr. Ramia identified the following challenges of design projects:

BIM Technology Enhances Communication and Coordination in Structural Engineering Projects

The design phase of structural engineering projects typically begins with drawings created by architects. However, architects and engineers have different perspectives. Architects design the distribution of spaces, while engineers work with loads and the distribution of structural elements. This difference in perspective can lead to challenges at the start of a project, as engineers must balance the architectural drawings with the engineering design requirements and requests of the client.

Effective communication is essential for engineers to manage this process. BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology makes communication of information possible and easier. ProtaStructure Suite, with its industry-leading BIM integration, is particularly helpful at this stage. It allows models and analysis data to be transferred with ease, enabling engineers to cross-check their analysis results, accelerate the modeling process, and effortlessly share their design with all stakeholders involved in the project.

By enhancing coordination and maximizing efficiency, BIM technology helps structural engineers achieve success.

Meet Víctor Bisonó Ramia: Our Loyal User and Valued Partner

Víctor Bisonó Ramia, an experienced structural engineer, is not only a dedicated user but also a valued member of our team. In this interview, he shares his Prota journey and insights into the world of engineering. Stay tuned for more valuable insights, essential tips, and tricks to enhance your engineering projects, all made possible by ProtaStructure Suite, the comprehensive structural engineering BIM software.

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