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News May 12, 2024

ProtaStructure training for Rwandan Structural Engineers

ProtaStructure Empowers Rwandan Structural Engineers with Advanced BIM Design Skills

In Rwanda, a transformative training event is energizing the structural engineering community. Hosted by the Nziza Training Academy and supported by the Institution of Engineers Rwanda, this program focuses on Building Information Modeling (BIM). It utilizes the renowned ProtaStructure software from Prota Software. The initiative aims to enhance Rwandan structural engineers’ capabilities. It equips them with advanced skills for the future of structural engineering.

ProtaStructure: Revolutionizing Structural Engineering Practices

Globally, ProtaStructure is praised for its robust features that simplify tasks. In Rwanda, this software is crucial. It streamlines structural analysis and design processes. This helps engineers achieve precise and efficient outcomes in their projects.

Group of male engineers participating in a ProtaStructure training session in a bright classroom setting, using laptops and focusing on a projection screen.
Rwandan engineers engage in a ProtaStructure training session, enhancing their BIM design skills as part of Rwanda’s structural engineering advancement initiative.

Enhancing Local Expertise through Structural Engineering Training

The training at Nziza Training Academy aims to elevate the skills of Rwandan engineers. It involves practical use of ProtaStructure. Participants learn to apply complex concepts and techniques effectively.

Focused group of African male professionals working on laptops in a bright classroom with educational banners, including one promoting technological upskilling
Engineers at Nziza Training Academy engage in a ProtaStructure software training, aimed at technologically upskilling African professionals in structural engineering.

Core Areas of the Structural Engineering Training:

  • BIM Fundamentals: We introduce engineers to BIM’s essential principles.
  • Advanced Modeling: Participants learn to model complex structures with ProtaStructure.
  • Detailed Analysis and Design: We guide engineers in detailed analyses and designs according to international codes.
  • Software Integration: The training also covers workflow enhancement by integrating ProtaStructure with other software.
Structural engineering instructor leading a ProtaStructure software training session, displaying a 3D structural model on a projector screen in a classroom.
An instructor at Nziza Training Academy demonstrates the capabilities of ProtaStructure software, showcasing a 3D structural model to trainees during a practical session.

ProtaStructure’s Impact

The adoption of ProtaStructure is transforming local practices. Its automation capabilities for BIM tasks reduce time and cost. This benefits engineers and speeds infrastructure development.

Collaborative Learning in Structural Engineering

Our training promotes a collaborative learning environment. Engineers can share ideas and develop solutions together. This approach is vital for overcoming specific challenges in Rwanda. It promotes continuous improvement in practices.

The Future of Structural Engineering in Rwanda

As engineers continue using ProtaStructure, they become well-prepared to lead complex projects. The skills gained are crucial for positioning them at the forefront of the field. They are ready to tackle demanding tasks.

Invitation to Structural Engineers

This training offers a vital chance for all regional engineers to enhance their knowledge. They can adapt to advanced technologies. Participating not only boosts their careers but also raises the standard of engineering in Rwanda and beyond.


The ProtaStructure training program is a major advancement in Rwandan structural engineering. It signifies a commitment to continuous improvement and advanced technology adoption. As engineers become more skilled, the quality and efficiency of projects are expected to improve dramatically. This sets a high standard for engineering across Africa.

This initiative is more than mastering software. It’s about shaping the future of Rwanda’s infrastructure. We invite all interested engineers to join this crucial endeavor. Together, we can build a stronger, more skilled engineering community.

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