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view of a modern commercial building designed with the ProtaStructure Suite, exemplifying state-of-the-art structural analysis and BIM.
Client Success May 7, 2024

Tunde Ajayi | Charles Tech Engineering

Structural Analysis Software with Building Information Modelling in Today’s Built Environment

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revolutionized the architectural engineering and construction sectors by integrating detailed information modeling processes in structural analysis softwares. BIM improves design accuracy and project workflows in modern building design, making it crucial in the built environment.

The Genesis of Charles Tech Engineering LTD

In 2013, Tunde Ajayi used his experience in construction to start Charles Tech Engineering LTD. He is a structural engineer. The company has since emerged as a dynamic construction and consultancy firm prioritizing the functionality and sustainability of the built environment in the field of civil engineering.

Initial Project Assessment and Planning

Every project at Charles Tech Engineering starts with a deep dive into its scope and requirements. The initial assessment ensures that the design and analysis meets the client’s requirements and project objectives. This is important for effective project planning and execution.

Commercial building designed by protastructure suite structural engineering software
Revolutionizing architecture: This commercial building showcases the cutting-edge capabilities of ProtaStructure Suite structural engineering software.

Adopting ProtaStructure Suite BIM software: Powerful Tools in Structural Engineering

Tunde Ajayi’s transition to ProtaStructure Suite structural analysis software, marked a pivotal shift in his approach to structural engineering projects. The software’s strong features and 3d models tools help the engineers designing complicated design projects without needing to constantly share data.

From Pirated Software to Trusted Solutions

Ajayi first tried a pirated version because of cost, but soon saw the drawbacks and dangers of using unofficial tools in design process. This led him to choose ProtaStructure Suite, structural analysis software, a reliable and affordable structural analysis software that is error-free and powerful.

Accelerated Design Phase with ProtaStructure Suite

ProtaStructure Suite enhances the design phase of structural engineering projects by enabling rapid, accurate modeling. This feature helps civil engineers create cost-effective and efficient designs quickly, saving time and resources.

Tackling Large-Scale and Complex Projects with ProtaStructure Suite

Before the integration of ProtaStructure’s computer-aided design and structural analysis software, managing large-scale or architecturally unique projects was a daunting task for Mr. Ajayi. The advanced tools provided by ProtaStructure Suite have empowered him to tackle tough challenges with confidence, leading to improved project outcomes and streamlined architectural engineering processes.

commercial building designed by Charles Tech Engineering LTD. with ProtaStructure Suite
Engineering excellence: This commercial building, a masterpiece by Charles Tech Engineering LTD., is designed using the advanced ProtaStructure Suite.

Continuous Structural Analysis Software Development and User Support: Software for Civil Engineers

Users feedback and developer innovations continuously improve ProtaStructure. Features like automatic updates and extensive code-coverage extensions demonstrate the commitment to user-centric development. Additionally, the Prota Help Center offers invaluable support and learning resources for users.

Structural Analysis Software Innovation Meets Modern Design

Charles Tech Engineering LTD. completed several significant civil engineering projects with ProtaStructure Suite BIM models. One of these projects was a portal frame building that demonstrates precision in modern architectural design and environmental engineering.

Community Engagement and Responsive Development for Structural Analysis

A memorable interaction with the Prota Software Team illustrates their responsive approach to user feedback. After proposing a pool tool, the team added it to the software, improving it for everyone who uses it.

portal frame building designed by Charles tech engineering LTD with ProtaStructure Suite
Structural innovation meets modern design: This portal frame building, expertly engineered by Charles Tech Engineering LTD using ProtaStructure Suite, exemplifies architectural precision.

Engage with Advanced Structural Engineering Software for Your Next Project

Discover how Building Information Modeling and advanced CAD software like ProtaStructure Suite can transform your architectural and structural engineering projects.


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