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Webinar Recordings November 21, 2019

Revit Integration with ProtaBIM 2019

Building Information Modelling Technology, BIM Tech, is a major game changer redefining how Architects, Engineers and Construction Professionals collaborate to deliver projects with increasing efficiency, accuracy, and economy.

ProtaBIM has been especially designed to allow engineers to effortlessly share intelligent physical and design information from ProtaStructure with other project team members including architects and owners to allow seamless coordination and collaboration of building projects.

In this webinar we’ll explore ProtaBIM and see how easily information can be exchanged and synchronised with other leading BIM platforms including Autodesk Revit.


Syed Ateeq AhmadNigel Watts, B.eng (Hons) Civil NZ- Managing Director for Prota Asia

Nigel brings more than 20 years of engineering experience in the Asia Pacific region having worked in consultancy, software development and construction in New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Now, Managing Director for Prota Software, the originators of the building software design solution Orion, Nigel and his team are helping engineers adopt the latest building software technology using ProtaStructure.