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Webinar Recordings March 17, 2020

Seismic Design in ProtaStructure 2019

Here are some of the great new features that will be highlighted during the webinar;

  • Specification of Seismic Parameters
  • Calculation of Mass
  • Eigenvalue Analysis
  • Equivalent Static Load Method
  • Mode-Superposition Method
  • Two-stage Analysis
  • Building Base and Height Check
  • Stiffness Modifiers
  • Vertical Earthquake Effects
  • Horizontal and Vertical Irregularities
  • Selection of Analysis Method
  • Relative Storey Drift Check
  • Second-Order Requirements Check
  • Seismic Overturning Check
  • Strong Column – Weak Beam Check
  • Joint Shear Check
  • Ductile Member Design and Detailing
  • Diaphragm Models and Storey MEshing
  • Shearwall Modelling and Basement Walls
  • Wall Coupling Beams
  • Seismic Isolators
  • Assessment and Retrofit of Existing Buildings
  • Nonlinear Pushover and Time History Analyses with OpenSees Integration

Host: Mustafa T. TAN, Civil Eng. (Msc.) / Product Mgr. Prota Software