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White Paper February 13, 2020

Column Design to ACI318-14


Accurate calculation and proper documentation are crucial for the reinforcement design of RC columns. The column’s resilience and longevity depend heavily on its design. Hence, the design process requires so much time and energy. In order to help out engineers during this process, the code-based design module of ProtaStructure is developed.

RC column design process includes the following steps:

  • Sway/nonsway classification
  • Braced/non-braced classification
  • Calculation of effective length
  • Slenderness ratio check
  • Computation of magnified moments
  • Check for shear strength requirements
  • Detailing transverse reinfocements
  • Providing splices for the longitudinal reinforcements

The American Standards (ACI) is one of the international design codes that ProtaStructure supports. It is possible to design RC columns based on specifications given in the ACI 318, and this document provides a detailed description of the code-specific algorithms used in ProtaStructure for this process.