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Blog December 26, 2023

Embrace Advanced Structural Engineering with ProtaStructure Suite 2024

As 2023 draws to a close, we at Prota Software are thrilled to introduce the latest advancements in our ProtaStructure Suite 2024. Our software has been meticulously designed by civil engineers with over 35 years of experience, ensuring that each feature resonates with the practical needs of the construction industry.Our focus remains steadfast on providing smart, efficient, and economically viable solutions, encompassing a holistic approach that integrates modeling, analysis, and detailing. We achieve this through our all-in-one tool, designed to complete tasks with a single-click approach

Revisiting the New Features in ProtaStructure Suite 2024: An Overview

  • Composite Slab Design: Tailored for composite slabs with profiled metal decks, encompassing a complete design process.
  • Slab Design with Slab Patch Panels: Innovations for designing flat slabs and raft foundations.
  • Stepped Foundations and Elevator Pits: Enhanced modeling and analysis capabilities.
  • Horizontal Soil Springs in Raft Foundation: Realistic load responses in raft foundations.
  • Column Drops and Reinforcements: New options for column drop-heads and reinforcements.
  • Automated Rebar Layout for Core Walls: Streamlined rebar layout for complex walls.
  • Enhanced Steel Design: Improved efficiency with new filtering and multi-selection features.
  • Advanced Earthquake Engineering: New seismic isolators and building assessment workflows.
  • ProtaDetails and ProtaSteel Updates: Enhanced detailing features and drawing modules.

Explore the Latest Features: What’s New

PSS 2024 Release: Expanding Horizons

We proudly launched ProtaStructure Suite 2024 globally on December 1, 2023. This release marks a significant milestone, integrating new codes and standards, including Colombian Codes and Indian Standards, catering to a diverse engineering community.

Bridging Global Gaps: Webinars and Events

Our commitment to knowledge sharing and global outreach was evident in our diverse range of webinars and events:


  • Global Impact: From “Existing Building Assessment and Retrofitting” to “Turkey Earthquake Review”, our webinars addressed critical topics.
  • Regional Focus: Tailored sessions for Latin America, Africa, Bulgaria, and India, showcasing our commitment to localized engineering challenges.

Explore Our Webinar Series: Webinar Recordings


  • Participated in prestigious events like the Construction and Design Expo in Colombia, HAKI 2023 in Jakarta, and the ACEK Conference 2023 in Kenya.
  • Engaged in symposiums and seminars, spreading our knowledge and expertise globally.

Event Highlights: An Insight into Our Global Presence

Educational Outreach: E-Learning Materials

To further support our user community, we’ve developed comprehensive e-learning materials, including 25 Design Guides, 36 Tutorials, and 15 webinar recordings. These resources are designed to help users fully leverage the capabilities of ProtaStructure Suite.

Discover Our Design Guides: Comprehensive Resources for Engineering Excellence

Explore Our Tutorials: Master Every Nuance and Maximize ProtaStructure’s Performance

Limitless Support and Engagement: Around-the-Clock Assistance from Prota Help Center

At the heart of our commitment to providing unparalleled service is the Prota Help Center, offering 24/7 support to ensure continuous assistance for our users.

Our technical support team is dedicated to providing timely and effective solutions, ensuring that every user of ProtaStructure maximizes its potential. Whether you’re facing a complex challenge or need guidance on specific features, our experts are always available to provide the support you need, whenever you need it.

This unwavering support underscores our dedication to not just delivering exceptional software, but also ensuring that our users have the resources and assistance to achieve their best work.

Visit the Prota Help Center for Your Inquiries.

Celebrating Success and Building the Future

This year, we’ve seen hundreds of projects completed using ProtaStructure Suite, ranging from industrial buildings to high-rise trade centers, across 80 different countries. Our journey is not just about software development; it’s about building a community of engineers equipped with the knowledge and tools to create sustainable and innovative structures worldwide.

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