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Blog May 4, 2024

Structural Engineering Software to Learn in 2024

Experience the most comprehensive and user-friendly structural engineering software on the market.

ProtaStructure Suite 2024 Boosts Teamwork with Easy Model Transfer Between Key Engineering Platforms Like ETABS, SAP2000, and Revit

ProtaStructure 2024 focuses on making it easier to use different software together in structural engineering. This is important for getting projects done efficiently and accurately in this fast-changing field.

Autocad & Revit

Engineers can transfer ProtaStructure models to AutoCAD or Revit. This helps accurately display structural elements in architectural plans. It also enhances coordination between architectural and structural design.

Etabs & SAP2000

ProtaStructure integrates with ETABS and SAP2000, offering structural engineers a complete toolkit for frame and earthquake projects.


ProtaStructure 2024 supports IFC and SAF standards, enhancing data sharing and collaboration in construction by ensuring compatibility across different BIM software. This makes it easy for engineers to maintain consistent and accessible project data, especially in multi-disciplinary projects.

Archicad & Tekla

ProtaStructure integrates with ArchiCAD and Tekla, streamlining the transfer of detailed structural models for efficient building design and construction. This collaboration enhances detailed modeling and fabrication, improving project outcomes.

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