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News August 4, 2023

Join Us in Jakarta, Seminar Tahunan HAKI 2023!

We are excited to announce our participation in the HAKI seminar, one of Asia’s premier engineering events for structural engineering professionals! This event, scheduled from August 22-24, provides a platform for sharing knowledge and insights among industry experts. The seminar will include a variety of sessions and short courses that address key topics in the field of structural engineering such as;

  • The professional ethics in engineering
  • Advancements in standards and codes
  • Implementation of performance-based design in various design aspects
  • Technical aspects related to recent earthquakes
  • Assessment and retrofitting of existing buildings

As Prota Software, we will be there to introduce the all-in-one structural engineering software, ProtaStructure Suite! With the guidance of Prota Software Asia Team and Prota Asia Managing Director Nigel Watts, you will explore the unique capabilities of the software aiming to reinforce the future with safer buildings at our booth numbered 12. We are excited to be present at this event and look forward to engaging with attendees and sharing our expertise ! Feel free to come and visit us at the annual HAKI seminar!

Try ProtaStructure Suite Free for 30 Days

As a structural engineer, you need the right tools to design and analyze earthquake-resistant structures. That’s where ProtaStructure Suite comes in. ProtaStructure Suite is an all-in-one structural engineering software that helps you design safer buildings.

To help you get started, we’re offering a free 30-day trial of ProtaStructure Suite. Try it out and see how it can help you design and analyze earthquake-resistant structures.

Enhance Your Earthquake Safety Knowledge

By attending the HAKI Seminar 2023, you can enhance your earthquake safety knowledge and stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in the field of structural engineering. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from industry experts and improve your skills as a structural engineer.

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Join us in Jakarta for the HAKI Seminar 2023 and try out ProtaStructure Suite free for 30 days to design safer buildings. We look forward to engaging with attendees and sharing our expertise!

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