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News December 14, 2017

Prota is Proud to Release Our New ProtaStructure 2018

Our largest update ever, ProtaStructure 2018 includes our fantastic ProtaSteel for steel connection design and detailing, Hundreds of new features and enhancements in ProtaStructure and ProtaDetails for rapidly designing and documenting your building projects, and our dynamic new ProtaBIM 2018 for coordination with other leading BIM systems.

Some real highlights we’d love to share with you include:

  • ProtaSteel

    ProtaSteel is our new powerful steel detailing module that works seamlessly with ProtaStructure. Auto create & design your steel connections, insert ancillary steel members, fine tune member position & create final engineering drawings including connection details.

  • Steel Modelling, Analysis and Design to EC3, BS5950 & AISC360-10

    Use our dynamic new steel modeling features for quickly defining your steel member, trusses, purlins, and braces. Analysis and design your buildings to your prefered leading code of practice.

  • Significantly Enhanced Analysis Speeds

    Get work done faster – ProtaStructure Analysis is upwards of 5 times faster over previous releases.

  • Merged Shear Walls and New Polyline Column Design and Detailing

    Increase your design efficiency by merging shear wall panels into a single core wall for integrated analysis, design, and detailing. Define and design any steel reinforcement layout for irregular shaped columns.

  • Multiple Openings in Shear Walls and Slab Drops of any Shape

    Easily create openings in your shearwalls and insert isolated slab drops & openings of any shape, anywhere in your project floor, handle toilet drops and architectural set downs with ease.

  • Auto truncation of Beam Elevation Details

    Automatically truncate and arrange your beams into your drawing sheets with ease saving hours of drafting time.

  • Column Grouping

    Save the earth – Automatically group your columns and reduce repetitive detailing requirements. Together with beam grouping cut down on the number of drawings you produce, save costs, rationalize design and reduce your paper usage.

  • Revit Integration

    Share models bi-directionally with other leading BIM platforms including Revit, greatly enhancing project coordination and workflow. Synchronise and track model changes in either Revit or ProtaStructure. Take advantage of enhanced filtering commands to share parts of the model you like, co-ordinate a floor at a time or the whole project model, your projects, your choice.

  • Pile Design

    Take your soil investigation data and quickly calculate geotechnical capacities and design your concrete and prestressed piles for both axial and lateral loads. Fantastic! – even creates drawings and calculations.

Did you Know?

ProtaStructure supports model merging allowing you to independently model different parts of a building, say a podium and a tower, and then easily combine them into one. Save significant modelling time by getting more of your team involved with ProtaStructure 20‌18.

Want to more information?

Check out our “what’s new” document.