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Webinar Recordings April 8, 2020

Performance Based Design and Assessment

Performance-based design is a process that enables the development of structures that will have predictable performance when subjected to defined loading.

Performance-based design (PBD) turns the traditional design paradigm upside down in the sense that the required performance is the starting point for the design. Considering the desired performance of the structure and selecting the scenarios that match the goals for structural function in the presence of a specific hazard, the designer works toward achieving that stated, the desired goal. The performance of the design is demonstrated through analysis, simulation, prototype testing, or a combination thereof.

Webinar topics;

  • What is a Performance-Based Design?
  • Analysis Methods used in PBD and their limitations
  • Nonlinear Material Properties and Plasticity Models
  • An application in ProtaStructure.

Host: Mustafa TAN, Civil Engineer (Msc), Product Manager, Prota Software