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Webinar Recordings April 8, 2020

ProtaStructure – Performance Based Design and Assessment

Here are some of the great titles that will be highlighted during the webinar:

  • Modeling of Existing Buildings
  • Selection of Seismic Parameters correctly
  • Corrosion Factors
  • Overview of Assessment Interface
  • Building Information Level
  • Rebar Realization Factors
  • Examination of Assessment Reports
  • Retrofitting
  • ProtaStructure-OpenSees Integration
  • Pushover Analysis
  • Target Displacement
  • Pushover Curve
  • Nonlinear Time-History Analysis
  • Ground Motion Scaling
  • Definition of Material Nonlinearities
  • Definition of Section Nonlinearities
  • Member Plastic Rotations
  • Limit Plastic Rotations
  • Member Damage Regions
  • Building Assessment
  • Examination of Detailed Nonlinear Analysis Results

Oğuz ZERMAN, Civil Engineer / Software Developer, Prota Software;
Burak TURKER, Civil Engineer / Test Engineer, Prota Software