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White Paper February 13, 2024

Flat Slab and Raft Design with Slab Patch Panels


Utilizing base reinforcement in the entire floor and calculating additional support bars at column regions is a powerful method for economical and practical design. This is one of the many things that you can do by taking advantage of the advanced capabilities of ProtaStructure Suite! For the design of beam-slab, flat slab, rib/waffle slab and raft foundation systems, you can find a wide range of tools in the all-in-one structural engineering software. For these design processes ProtaStructure utilizes two main methods: finite element method and moment coefficient method. For the design of rib/waffle slabs, flat slabs and raft foundations, the finite element method is utilized. Whereas, for the beam-slab systems, both methods are utilized by the ProtaStructure.

Which parameters do these methods consider? What is the FE Fixed Band Strips, and why are they needed? How does “Slab Patch Panel” feature affect your design process, what are the advantages of it? The answers to all these questions are given in detail on this document. Find out now!