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White Paper February 13, 2024

RC Beam Design to IS 456-2000


The design of RC beams is a crucial step to ensure the safety of the structure. It is important to follow codes and accurately determine the both the amount and the pattern of the rebars. You can complete this vital process with accuracy and obtain an economical and practical design with ProtaStructure. The all-in-one structural engineering software provides a wide range of tools and features to help you throughout this design process such as batch design, interactive design, rebar patterns based on the design code you follow. In addition to accelerating modeling and design processes, ProtaStructure allows you to analyze your model based on the code you follow. One of the codes supported by the software is IS 456-2000.

This document provides you a detailed insight into the details of RC beam design based on IS 456-2000 including bending design, shear design, and torsion design. Plus, the document provides you with numerical examples to demonstrate the applications of the statements given in the code.