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Client Success February 6, 2024

Fuat Ornarlı | PSN Contracting & Consulting

A Global Engineering Success: Fuat Ornarlı’s Journey with ProtaStructure

Fuat Ornarlı’s career in structural engineering is a journey of learning and success. He started in Turkey, focusing on earthquake-resistant designs. After gaining experience in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, he moved to the United States, where he now runs his own company, PSN Contracting & Consulting.

Navigating Global Design Challenges in Engineering

In structural engineering, the location affects how buildings are designed. Mr. Ornarlı explains the differences he encountered:

“In Turkey, I focused on earthquake-safe designs because of the high earthquake risk there. In the U.S., I had to learn about designing buildings to withstand strong winds, which was a new challenge for me. Using the ProtaStructure software helped me a lot in this.”

Early Beginnings with Prota: A Significant Shift

ProtaStructure Suite, a creation of Prota Software, serves as an essential tool for structural engineers. Mr. Ornarlı began his association with this technology back in the 90s in Turkey, utilizing its forerunner, Probina Orion. This software revolutionized his work by enabling rapid production of detailed drawings, marking a significant departure from traditional methods.

When he moved to the US, Mr. Ornarlı was pleased to find that ProtaStructure Suite was still around and better than ever. It supports various international design standards and helps with wind force calculations, which made him choose it for his work.


Growing with Prota

From User to Partner Being a licensed user of ProtaStructure Suite means more than just using the software. It includes access to an e-learning platform, software updates, special training, and 24/7 support. Mr. Ornarlı used these benefits to provide feedback and help improve the software, especially to make it comply with American building codes. He even became a Prota partner in the U.S.

Fuat Ornarlı: Connecting Continents with Prota Mr. Ornarlı’s story with ProtaStructure shows how much impact the software has. He not only adapted to different building design challenges but also helped make the software better. Together, they are advancing the field of structural engineering.

Interested in structural design? Try ProtaStructure Suite and start reshaping your projects. You could be the next to share your story with us!