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Webinar Recordings August 25, 2022

RC Beam Design and Detailing with ProtaStructure Suite 2022

You are going to learn every detail and tips & tricks of RC beam design, and take a closer look at the new interactive beam design interface in this webinar recording.

#structuralengineering #beam #detailing


  • Introduction to Beam Design Settings
  • How to use the new Beam Rebar Patterns?
  • Rebar Anchorage and Lap Splicing Options
  • Link Confinement Settings
  • Review of the New Interactive Beam Design Interface
  • Step-by-Step Beam Design and Design Guides
  • Examination of Beam Detail Drawings
  • Detailed Reports on Rebar Lap and Anchorage Calculations

ProtaStructure is an innovative structural BIM solution for structural engineers to model, analyze and design buildings quickly and accurately.