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Webinar Recordings August 23, 2021

ProtaSteel 2021 Features

With the ProtaSteel 2021 version, interface and modeling commands have been improved to speed up operations. ProtaSteel provides flexibility in modeling by offering a manual connection tool for the needs of different engineers in steel structures.

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With ProtaSteel 2021:

  • Use our unique IntelliConnect to rapidly automate connection design with a focus on constructability.
  • Model and detail any steel connection using Fully featured Parametric Connection Libraries.
  • Easily create your user-defined connections using general-purpose tools like plate, bolt, weld, section, cut, chamfer, and fillet and use these connections at similar joints.

By watching the discovery video, you can check out the innovations related to the ProtaSteel 2021 version with examples.